Experienced Assistance to you and your Apple devices     

I think of myself as a Mac Coach, rather than a 'computer consultant'...

my goal is to have you be delighted, and myself unnecessary.


My name's Nicholas and I've lived here in Ann Arbor since 1995. 

A Silicon Valley expatriate ;-),  I did years of telephone tech support working for Apple/Claris in California.

Helping Mac-using folks and businesses in many ways since 1986, I find no Mac too old (or too new!) to help you with.

When: Mon- Fri 9 — 6 and evenings / weekends when needed

Where: I can provide help to you at either: 

  • Your Ann Arbor residence or place of business      or
  • My home office on A2’s West Side. 

My rates are reasonable
and negotiable
(Senior discount available.)

Local References
available upon request.

(734) 945-1246

or Email me  

• Useful Solutions •
Services Offered

Some examples:

  • 'Tune ups' - Mac running slower than it used to? Removing malware. Clearing hard drive space.
  • iPhone, iPad assistance. iCloud synchronization. Upgrading options explained, how to sell used iPhone, etc.
  • Upgrades - Installing larger hard drive, more RAM memory, screen, optical drive replacement
  • Email assistance (filtering junk mail, setting 'rules', changing services, gMail, etc.)
  • Coaching on making the leap
         E.g. from Windows to the Mac!
  • New (or used) Mac purchasing advice - upgrade options explained
  • Cost saving advice
  • WiFi problems - options for fixing
  • InterConnecting your Macs (wireless options/Wifi, local network, etc.)
  • Application specific help (FileMaker, Pages, Keynote, Excel, etc.)
  • Understanding your Mac (in English ! Geek-speak at a minimum)
  • Back up option suggestions or... (if you haven't been...)
  • File recovery 
  • Old data file conversion help
  • Custom database development
  • Ergonomics advice
  • Specialized needs (floppies or Zip disks to CD's, etc. etc.)
  • 'Help on Demand" via phone, email or iChat !
  • Spreadsheet instruction or design (formerly taught Excel classes and have done extensive spreadsheet development)
  • 'Urgent Care' services (printer fixes or use of mine, loaner Mac, Short notice on-site help for demanding deadlines, etc.)
  • Low cost, basic website creation and design
  • Off-site, on-call "IT" services for small Mac based businesses
MacNicholas@gmail.com    So, how can I be of service?